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"One soul passes, another enters.
Life is fleeting, brutish, ecstatic, mundane.
Let us punctuate our brief sojourn with fine food, warming libations, and the sparkling camaraderie
of souls in synchrony."
Jonathan Kellerman

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Rarely Balanced, Never Boring!

Black Husky Brewing Dog Yard

Welcome to the Dog Yard! All the dogs you see on our website and on our labels are real dogs and members of our family, the inspiration for much of what we do. We owe them a lot and hope you enjoy getting to know them.


Our first Siberian Husky, she was such a bad puppy we almost named her Diablo Doggie. Mother of Howler, Lothar, BB, Five Toes and Rinky (after a tryst with Loki!). She also has the absolute worst howl in the whole world!


An exceedingly shy dog, she came from Nature’s Kennel in the U.P. She'll hide in her house if you come to visit. Not a great sled dog but she keeps on plugging along. She’s the one with the low mournful howl; we’re pretty sure she’s calling for Jacob.


The gentlest of all our dogs, he's a real sweetie, great with people and likes to get really close up. Also loves to eat dirt!


Beag was one of our rescue dogs. No longer wanted by his previous owner, Jake took him as one of his first true sled dogs. I think Beag was 9 at the time. He ran one season and even though he was fine physically his desire to run had left. Since I get the retirees, the year after Jake retired Beag, I took him out on the sled and he ran well for a couple of miles and then turned into every driveway we passed so he could get home. Unlike Creek, he was very content to retire and bark and carry on when the harnesses came out for hook-up time, but then he would hide in his house if you tried to put a harness on him. As he got older and arthritis set in he was content to get backrubs from Toni.


Creek was an aging lead dog when we got her. Her name really should have been Sergeant Creek because she was a crusty no nonsense leader who was in charge when she ran lead. As the musher you offered her suggestions that she would take under consideration. She was slow, cantankerous, didn’t know gee and haw (turn commands), but she ran to pull the sled and be in harness. Every musher is looking for an “honest” dog - one that will give you everything they've got even if it ain’t much. That’s what Creek did. When a cancerous lump in her throat restricted her ability to breath adequately for running she gave up. She no longer barked when people came in the yard. You see Creek was our sentinel dog - the first dog to bark to alert us that someone was there. She handed over that job to Harold and she taught him well. Creek is now running lead on a good trail and a sled with a tolerant musher.


Simply put, Doris was a sweetheart. As physically gifted a dog as we ever had, she was Creek’s buddy as well as Howler’s mistress in a poorly timed tryst that ended up putting her out for the race season and giving us Smokey and Harold. Doris ran lead for the “B” team and helped counteract Creek’s stubbornness with her good nature. Much like her buddy Creek she was an honest dog, and she loved people – but especially Jake.


One of the Three Amigos, his brothers Harvey and Knight also came from Nature’s Kennel. Easily recognizable because Harold bit off half of his tail one day.

Five Toes

Named after her fifth toe. Hey, when you have a bunch of dogs you sometimes lose your naming touch.


The result of a one-time tryst between Howler and Doris. I had wanted to name him Fjord but was overruled.


The largest dog in the kennel, possibly even North America. He’s actually developed into an exceptional lead dog. He digs holes big enough so when he lays in them you can’t see him – which given his size, is quite an accomplishment.


He’s Howler – what more can you say. The women all love him, and the men envy (and secretly admire) him. He’ll pee on your pee until you pass out (ask Rick about this).


The biggest baby in the kennel. Barks too much, howls too much and is afraid of noise. A perfect wheel dog because he is big and dumb.


The patriarch of the Siberians, he was our second Siberian. A very gentle dog, he usually looks like he’s high.


The Biter. Stay away from him. If you get close he will bite you, drag you under his house and feed on you periodically. Pretty sure Jimmy Hoffa is buried under his house but the FBI is too frightened to look there.


One of our rescue dogs and one of our first sled dogs. Nik is a superstar sled dog – for about 1.5 miles. After that he pulls for 100 feet and coasts for a 100 feet. He’s turned into a very sweet dog.


Another of our rescue dogs, one of the locals said she was coming to their doorstep and they didn’t know what to do with her. They said she was “wild.” We showed up with welding gloves, a cage and some dog food. She was full of snarls in her coat, was very fat and she growled and carried on but when we put the food out she went right into the cage. We took her home and quarantined her and Toni nursed her back to health. Although she looks like a Husky she never got into harness. Her life in the wild must have taken its toll; she just wanted to be loved and we did our best by her.


Also from Nature’s Kennel he is a no-nonsense dog. Doesn’t complain and gives you everything he’s got. Nickname: Papadopoulos


Rinky Dinky is very stinky. She’s our little sick puppy. Wasn’t breathing when she was born but a little rubbing with a towel and blowing in her mouth and she was fine.
You’ll be fine, just walk it off!


Another rescue dog, her bark is much worse than her bite. We have two Rosie’s – Good Rosie and Bad Rosie. This one is Bad Rosie. Doesn’t really like people very much – just her rescue family.


Also from Nature’s Kennel, her brother is Shad. The smallest of our dogs she often runs lead with Harvey which is quite a sight. I call her the George Bush of lead dogs – very confident of her decisions but is seldom correct. Hey, it’s funny!


The celebrity of the kennel, he is an Iditarod finisher from Nature’s Kennel. Now he just sits on his house acting all superior and signing autographs. He’s thinking about starting his own website.


Howler’s other off-spring and Harold’s sister. Her favorite activity is digging holes and barking at them. We have no idea what that’s all about.


There are certain moments in time that haunt one forever and Spunky’s passing is one of them. In an innocent moment he wandered too far into the road and was struck by a van and died soon after. Spunky was a dog we got for Jake when he was in grade school in West Allis. He was a great little guy who never caused any problems and like many canines lived life with great enthusiasm and love for his pack members. Spunky’s years were much too short but his impact lives on.