Flagship Beers:

Pale Ale
Sproose Joose


Big Buck Brown
Honey Wheat
Milk Stout

Beware of the Dog Series:

Harold-Imperial Red
Smoke Monster
Sparkly Eyes
Three Scrutineers
Twelve Dog

Anniversary Series:

Batch 100

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Deep Thoughts
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"One soul passes, another enters.
Life is fleeting, brutish, ecstatic, mundane.
Let us punctuate our brief sojourn with fine food, warming libations, and the sparkling camaraderie
of souls in synchrony."
Jonathan Kellerman

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Rarely Balanced, Never Boring!

How we got here... Our History

We are a nano-brewery out in the woods of far northeastern Wisconsin. We brew in a log cabin made by us. Us is Toni and Tim Eichinger and our team of retired sled dogs including Howler, THE Black Husky. We have dedicated our brewery and each of it’s beers to our canine companions so each beer has a dog or dogs associated with it. It is important to us that people read the labels or the website to see more details.

What makes us unique is not just that all of our beers are big – other breweries make big beers, or that we are a husband and wife team – other breweries are run by a husband and wife team, or that we are dog-themed – there are other dog-themed breweries. What makes us unique among nano-breweries is that we are 100% wholesale with no on-site sales.

We self-distribute, which allows us to select our outlets based on our criteria and that means the retailers need to take care of our beers the way we would and serve them well. We also brew with integrity, which to us means brewing what we believe are exceptional beers, not what may or may not be commercially viable or popular beers.

Our motto is “Rarely Balanced, Never Boring.” There are lots of breweries that brew balanced beers and that’s good, but we brew beers that we believe in and feel are exceptional. After all, if we don’t believe our beers are the best available how can we expect you to believe they are?

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