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"One soul passes, another enters.
Life is fleeting, brutish, ecstatic, mundane.
Let us punctuate our brief sojourn with fine food, warming libations, and the sparkling camaraderie
of souls in synchrony."
Jonathan Kellerman

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Rarely Balanced, Never Boring!

Black Husky Brewing Milk Stout

7.4% ABV - 31 IBUs - 30 SRM

It couldn’t be left to just anyone to be the spokesdog for our Milk Stout. Only someone with as complex a personality as B.B. could be entrusted this task. Just as B.B.’s personality encompasses the extremes of a lover (if a Husky could be a lap dog, B.B. would make it happen) and a fighter (okay, just that once, but it wasn’t his fault!) so our Milk Stout will take you on a ride of subtleties and robustness, leaving you wondering what just happened. This enigmatic beer, while smooth and sweet will reach out and bite you in the butt if you’re not careful. So raise your glass to B.B., and toast to things being more than they appear to be.